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Guided Imagery – Hypnosis – Behavior Discussion

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Program Time: 25 minutes

Reduce & Eliminate
Inflammation, Itching, redness, Constriction of Airways, Excessive
production of Fluids, Fatigue and Headaches
"I personally use this program with tremendous benefits.
And 90% of the time, as long as I do not wait until
the allergy symptoms are full blown, I get the effective
results that I need to keep functioning at optimal levels
with No Medications."
--Monte Hueftle, Author & Marathoner
Allergies are a dynamic hypersensitivity against a normal substance that really has
no threat to your health. They are a misdirected, or a misplaced response of your
immune system which is acting as if this normal harmless substance were some
dangerous foreign invader.
Interestingly Allergic responses are also Learned
Learned responses that can be Un-Learned.

objective of this program is to educate and persuade your immune system to
co-exist peacefully with the substances that it is reacting to. We know that  Cognitive
Behavior Learing, Guided Imagery and Hypnosis are all effective treatments or
practices that can help alleviate allergic reactions. And I will share with you some
research studies that have demonstrated remarkable results. This program has
been designed to incorporate all three practices, Cognitive Learning, Imagery and
Hypnosis in one powerfully effective session. It has been proven that when these
three practices are combined vs just using one practice singularly that
results are significantly more successful
In order to use this program effectively to deal with your allergy it is useful to have a
little understanding about what is going on in your body, your mind, your emotions,
and about our
spectacular natural defense mechanism against foreign invaders.

When experiencing an allergic response, your blood emits a clear, fluid lymph into a
network of vessels that form your lymphatic system, bringing with it millions of
special immune cells which bathe all the cells in your body.  Some of these are
special chemicals known as antibodies which are able to recognize when an
invader is present in your body.  The invaders involved with allergies are called
antigens and when an antibody recognizes one it sticks to it - acting like a marker so
that other defensive cells can find and destroy it.  At the same time as this happens
your body produces a mass quantity of this exact same antibody so that's it's ready
to deal with any future threats. Well,
These antigens release irritant chemicals
called histamines that cause symptoms such as inflammation, itching, redness,
constriction of airways, excessive production of fluids, fatigue and headaches.

Because allergies are a Immune system response we use Guided Imagery and
Hypnosis to join forces with all the beneficial cells in your body in order to counteract
the effects of the antigens.
These practices can lessen or completely prevent
allergic reactions and facilitate the immune system’s unlearning of its pointless
. Which in this discussion are an inappropriate response to pollen, dust,
mold, animal hair or other substances that can not really harm us. You may see your
white blood cells becoming more selective and less reactive to natural, neutral
particles which automatically lessens your old conditioned, habitual responses. You
may feel your membranes shrinking in size and relaxing the bands around your air
tubes allowing you to breath easier. Or perhabs your skin becoming soft and
smooth  replacing irritated skin with calmness and your digestive system settling
back down shifting the swollen feeling and allowing it to subside back down to it’s
natural original size and form.
It is important to note that all allergies have the potential to disappear if you make
changes in both your lifestyle and your mental state. You should consider whether
stress impacts your allergic reactions. Make a note of life situations that are
stressful and become aware of your allergic reactions during these times.
often disappear when people change jobs or relationships that were the source
of their stress
. In situations where you can not make that change you can become
more accepting and allowing of these situations. The key here is allowing yourself to
feel your emotions and allow this  “feeling” experience to naturally reduce and
lessen your stress.

I mentioned earlier some of the remarkable studies that have been done
demonstrating the effectiveness of guided imagery and hypnosis in reducing and
eliminating allergic reactions.

A study at the University of Medicine in Japan showed that 84% of their subjects
Eliminated the standard histamine response
to poisen ivey—reactions such as
itchng, redness, swelling and blisters, by using hypnosis imagery. Equally
remarkable, the reverse was also true, a large percentage of subjects broke out into
itching and swelling reactions when they used imagery under hypnosis to imagine a
harmless plant   to be a poison ivy plant.

Researchers at The University Hospital of Basel, Switzerland, investigated whether
hypnosis is a useful adjunct in the treatment of allergies. They looked at two control
groups-1 using hypnosis and the other using anti-allergy drugs. Both year 1 and
year 2 the hypnosis group reported
significant improvement in the ability to breath
and  other irritable symptoms
. The randomized, controlled clinical trial concluded
that hypnosis is indeed a useful adjunct to the treatment of hay fever symptoms,
allergies and mild asthma.

Lenox Hill Hospital in New York completed his guided imagery study with asthma
patients, showing that although imagery did not seem to influence actual asthma
symptoms, it did result in significantly more patients being able to
discontinue their
. Not surprisingly, he also found significantly less depression and
in the guided imagery group than in the control group.

Researchers from Tai Po Hospital in Hong Kong explored the effects of guided
imagery and relaxation in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
(COPD), using a randomized controlled design. Results showed that there was a
statistically significant (p < 0.05) increase in the percentage of oxygen  in the
treatment group that used guided imagery.
What these results show us is that images and suggestions in our
subconscious mind are real events to the body
. This is an important key to
understanding and realizing how imagery and hypnosis positively impact our
mind, our body and certain autonomic responses that it has. The second key is
that successful imagery and hypnosis are practiced in an altered state where
our mind and body are capable of
dynamic, effective and rapid learning,
change and healing
. By altered state I mean Relaxed, yet focused, a state of
being calm with a heightened attention. The 3rd key, one that we all can
appreciate, that enhances imagery and hypnosis and their effectiveness is
Being in Control. Both practices allow us to experience a
sense of mastery
over what is happening to us
. They are practices that we can employ when,
how and where we choose to and this in and of itself is very beneficial to our
overall sense of well being. It allows us to experience higher levels of
confidence and increased optimism which leads to more personal
effectiveness in all areas of our life.
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Natural & Healthy Allergy Relief
MP3 Download or CD
Program Time: 25 minutes

This effective program begins with an
overview discussion of allergies and how
our body begins its hyper-sensitive
reactions to these particles. This is an
important phase as it creates a new
understanding about allergies and helps our
imagery & hypnosis be even more effective.

During the imagery exercise
you take
as you image the antigens and
histamines being destroyed.
You sense your airways opening, swollen
tissues back to their normal size and
comfort, irritated skin renewing and the
digestive system becoming calm. Imagery
& suggestions follow that help relieve
anxiety and promote a calm, peaceful,
energized, less reactive system.

Healthy and Natural Allergy Relief