Power - Energy - Healing - Audio Program Summary     

This is a working guided imagery meditation that takes you through your seven (7)
energy/power centers (chakras). These power centers are located from the base of
your spine to the top of your head.
Each level of power is aligned is aligned to a physical system within
the body. They reflect the health or lack of health (loss of energy) of
a particular area of the body. These power centers also relate to the
external & internal issues that are part of our lives, reflecting on the
mental, emotional and spiritual health of our life.

When our energy becomes stuck or misguided, the results can be
emotional and physical challenges like Tension Induced Pain

This guided, working meditation has been designed to help you:
1) Diagnose where you are losing power/energy
2) Disconnect from negative mental/emotional patterns
3) Reconnect, Align & Balance -(mental, physical, emotional &            
    spiritual) energies for optimal health and healing.
Power - Energy - Health
MP3 Download -  Program Time:  33 minutes
This working, guided imagery practice will infuse physical, emotional, mental & spiritual
energies together, creating more health, balance and power in your life. An important
element of this practice is to use it in a disciplined way that incorporates the invisible
powers of faith and trust into guided practice that is genuinely effective. When we are
able to sense & image invisible powers such as faith & acceptance and trust that they
are working within our physical bodies, we ignite a powerful healing transformation that
becomes part of our consciousness even when we are not thinking about it. They emerge
in our intuitive gut feelings, our dreams and inspires our life with this vital transformational
power which brings health into our bodies.
Power/Energy Center 1
Location: Base of Spine
Energy Connection to the physical body: Spine, legs, feet, rectum and immune system.
Energy Connection to the emotional/mental body: Foundation of emotional/mental health,
connection to family traditions and beliefs.
Effects: Chronic Low Back Pain, depression, sciatica, obssessive-compulsive, addictions,
immune system disorders.
Issues: Fear of physical survival, group abandonment, ability to provide for yourself,
feeling connection to home and physical world.
Spiritual Truth: All is One
Questions for Inner Investigation: What family beliefs have control over you? Do you have
unfinished business with any family members? Do you feel safe in life? Do you feel a
strong or weak connection to the physical world? Why?

Power/Energy Center 2
Location: Couple of inches below your navel - lower abdomen
Energy Connection to the physical body: Pelvis-hip area, lower vertebrae, sexual organs,
large intestine, bladder.
Energy Connection to the emotioanl/mental body: Energy center for personal power, one
on one relationships, relationships with money, sexuality, creativity, our jobs, and our
ability to control these areas of our life.
Effects: Chronic low back pain, sciatica, pelvic/hip pain, sexual & urinary problems,
prostate/ovarian illnesses.
Issues: Fear of losing control, fear of losing personal power related to finances, job,
relationships, fear of losing power in the physical body.
Spiritual Truth: Honor One Another
Questions for Inner Investigation: Are you a controlling person? Do you fear being
controlled by others, finances, job? Are you positive about what you have created in your
life? What do you want to create in your life? Do you feel you can create? Do you have a
personal code of honor? Do you ever violate it? Why?

Power/Energy Center 3
Location: Solar Plexus area
Energy Connection to the physical body: Mid spine area, stomach, upper intestines, liver,
adrenals and pancreas.
Energy Connection the emotional/mental body: Self-esteem and personality/ego.
Effects: Arthritis, chronic indigestion, ulcers, colon problems, adrenal dysfunction.
Issues: Fear of rejection, looking foolish, criticism and not meeting expectations or
responsibilities. Fear related to your physical appearance. Fear others may find out our
inner secrets.
Spiritual Truth: Honor Oneself
Questions for Inner Investigation: What do you like about yourself? Why? What don't you
like about yourself? Why? What are you doing to change the things you don't like? Do
you criticize others? Blame others? Is this a way of protecting yourself? Are you searching
for a better life? What are you doing about it? Do you seek the approval of others? Why?
Do you honor yourself with respect? If not, why?

Power/Energy Center 4
Location: The area of the heart - center of your chest
Energy Connection to the physical body:  Heart, chest area, circulatory system, hand,
arms, shoulders, lungs & diaphragm.
Energy Connection to the emotional/mental body:  Emotional awareness and perception.
Ability to generate and take action with love & compassion.
Effects:  Upper back/shoulder pain, challenges with the heart organ, allergies, lung &
breast cancer.
Issues:  Fear of emotional weakness, fear of sharing emotions, fear of forgiving yourself &
others, being centered primarily in self, resentment, anger, jealousy.
Spiritual Truth:  Love is Divine Power
Questions for Inner Investigation:  Do you have relationships that still require emotional
healing? Are you in the process of healing this memories and relationships? Are you
waiting for forgiveness from someone? Who do you need to forgive? How do you protect
your emotional self? Are these healthy responses? Are you afraid of becoming
emotionally open and healthy?

Power/Energy Center 5
Location: Throat
Energy Connection to the physical body:  Throat, neck, mouth, jaw, teeth, thyroid.
Energy Connection to the emotional/mental body:  The power of choice. Your personal
will vs divine guidance.
Effects:  Chronic sore throat, TMJ, gum challenges, swollen glands, thyroid challenges.
Issues:  Fear of no power of choice, fear of being out of control-with finances, power,
substance-addictions, the unknown-releasing personal will to divine will/guidance.
Spiritual Truth:  Surrendering personal will to divine will.
Questions for Inner Investigation:  Do you allow others to have control over your
willpower? Why? Do you try to control others? Why? Do you judge others? Why?  Do you
ask for guidance from a place of fear or faith? Are you able to receive guidance and act
on it? If you cannot act on your guidance-do you understand why? What steps are you
taking to act on your guidance with faith instead of fear?

Power/Energy Center 6
Location: Center of forehead
Energy Connection to the physical body: Brain, eyes, ears, nose, neurological system.
Energy Connection to the emotional/mental body: Intuition and our ability to evaluate our
beliefs and attitudes based on facts, experiences, memories and fears.
Effects:  Brain tumors, deafness, blindness, neurological challenges, learning disabilities,
total spine challenges, seizures.
Issues:  Emotional Awareness/Intelligence, intellectual talents, able to evaluate yourself,
fear of inadequacy, ability to learn from experiences.
Spiritual Truth:  See only the Truth
Questions for Inner Investigation:  What negative beliefs and attitudes do you carry with
you? Have you tried to change them? Do they empower or dis-empower you? What
dis-empowering habits do you experience in your relationships with others? Are you
fearful of changing some of your negative beliefs/attitudes? If so, why? How would it effect
your life positively?

Power/Energy Center 7
Location: Top of the head
Energy Connection to the physical body: This center is entry point of all universal energy
that then is distributed throughout the entire body.
Energy Connection to the emotional/mental body: Ability to develop a spiritual relationship
with your creator. Inspiration and devotion.
Effects: Loss of spiritual energy, spiritual depression, chronic loss of energy that is not
included in physical disorders.
Issues:  Ability to have or generate faith, trust, inspiration. Fears relating to these issues.
Loss of any type of purpose in life and fear that you will never find it.
Spiritual Truth:  Live in the Present Moment
Questions for Inner Investigation:  Do you have a spiritual path? What is it? What are
your fears regarding this path? Do you live much of your life in the past? future? Why?
Are you able to develop a communication with your creator? Do you have fears regarding
this communication/relationship? What are they? Are you searching for your specific
purpose in life? How would knowing this change your life? Have you attempted to live in
the present moment as a new way of being? What did you notice?
Chakra Imagery Audio Program
Power - Energy - Healing
A Working Guided Meditation Designed To
Identify, Reclaim, Balance & Empower All Your Life Energy
The TMS Chakra Audio Program is available as part of
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