The Master Practice Orders will be fulfilled as follows.

Book  and CD's will be shipped next business day.

eBook will usually be sent within a couple hours of ordering.

The Master Practice Program orders that include a consultation - Monte will
contact you to schedule your consultation day/times.

For orders that include audio downloads or the eBook, the downloads will be
sent in the next hour or two if your transaction is between 7:00 am pst and 7:00
pm pst. If after these hours your downloads will be sent the next day.

If your order as only a consultation, please email with
a few days/times that work well for you.
Note: & Monte Hueftle are dedicated to bringing the awareness of Tension Myositis Syndrome to the chronic pain
and running communities. The information on this site is not intended as medical advice. It is practical knowledge and experience
on how to alternatively eliminate chronic pain symptoms and running injuries like piriformis, sciatica, runners  knee and ITBS, that
are often mis-diagnosed as an over-use or structural injury. For people who have read Dr. John Sarno and are familiar with tension
myositis syndrome, The Master Practice has been discovered by many to be  the missing link in their healing program. If you have
any questions please feel free to contact

                            MonteHueftle &
Monte Hueftle
TMS Mind Body Coach,
B.S. Business, University of Nebraska, 1982
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, A.C.H.E., 1994

Monte is considered one of the leading experts on how to heal from Tension Myositis Syndrome. He
provides his books, audio programs and consultations worldwide in more than 24 countries. He is
currently working with Dr. Sarno's psychologist in developing a standardized treatment program for TMS.