The Master Practice

Hi Monte
It most certainly does resonate - it's great stuff!  I loved talking to you the other day.  This stuff really works.  I've been doing great.  The
acceptance thing is really helping.  I feel a connection to you Monte. Your a gift to me and all others that come your way.  Thank you.  
Look forward to chatting again!

Our conversation yesterday was extremely helpful. Thank you. I realize now where the work has to be done. Consistently, every day,
with an open heart. And likely that it won’t be easy or immediate. I will work toward embracing that which makes me feel spacious and
accepting and step out of those feelings, thoughts and behaviors that constrict—that make my physical and emotional being
uncomfortable, stressed and tight....I especially love the examples of open self-talk you include in the CD and book. That is helpful, as
I can otherwise engage into some self doubting version of “am I doing this right?”Of course, I have some questions. Always do...
Again, thank you for your time. I would be more than willing to pay for another phone call (and if needed, more than one) if you’d rather
chat about this stuff on the phone than have to write an email.

Take care,
thanks Monte! you are the best! already 40 pages into the ebook and it is go into
wonderful SPECIFIC detail that others have not concerning Sarnos work
Well thank you..GOT IT!!! and it is now obvious to me why you are a successful and decent know how to please a
customer and what the definition of costumer service means! Thanks again for helping me today Monte and creating this wonderful
program that has already helped me just in the few hours today that I have been listening and reading THE MASTER PRACTICE...

Mr. Hueftle
I want to thank you for helping me end 5 years of constant piriformis and back pain. Your program was the best $99 I have ever spent.
I stopped my physical therapy, massage and chiropractic treatments, which is now saving me $250 per month at least. Btw I really
like your video sessions!

Thanks again, Jerry XXXXXX

Hi Monte,

Thank you so much for The Master Program. Your service provides such an indepth knowledge and experience that is
really missing in Dr. Sarno's material.
Your book and cd were excellent tools that I needed, but it was the consultations with you that finally put everything
together. I know it has only been 6-months, but I really believe I has this crap behind me. Again thank you very much
and keep sending your updates...I love them.

H.R. from New York

I just wanted to thank you for your words and encouragement and positive attitude.  Your book has helped me immensely and not only
with regards to my running.  I'm trying to shift my outlook on life.  Whenever I feel in stress-mode or chronic-worry-about-the future, I
use your book as a reference--I keep it handy at all times.  Thank you so much.  I appreciate your honesty and your refreshing outlook.  
Sincerely, Diana Rxxxxx

I just wanted to thank you for your recent emails which I have found hugely encouraging.


Excellent!  I did the little experiment, and, you are correct.
Also, thank you again for your great work. I wrote you earlier this summer - I was in severe pain from March 30 - May 31 or so and,
because I had known of Sarno since 2000, figured Sarno wasn't working for me, so I went to chiropractor, acupuncture, bought
programs off the internet, etc. - all to NO AVAIL. So I got back into Sarno and learned about you.
I had a relapse for 9 days in June but fought it off (the previous one was 9 weeks). Amazingly, I completely stopped the pain a couple
of times in those 9 days by using your techniques and even affirmations such as "My back feels great!"
Anyway, I am using your techniques.
I really do think you take Sarno to the much-needed next step. I have also been getting in touch
with my chronic thought patterns (you listed them below). I have been a bit bummed out lately, but the idea of "bringing the best of me"
is already helping me out of it.
Also, I got into John Kehoe's MindPower program this summer, which has also helped. I learned of it on the TMS board (you might
have posted about it, but I think it was "Dan"). That coheres well with "thinking clean" - replacing the chronic, self-defeating thoughts.
Thanks so much again,
Your august Update is extremely helpful!!!
Thanks for these updates.  They are one of the few non-personal emails that I find in my box that I actually open and read with
pleasure.  Great reminders.

Hi Monte,
Thanks for the email update. Your words are inspiring and encouraging and I am finding them extremely helpful in my journey.  I am
half way through the book and have to try to stop myself reading too much at one time so I can take it all in and master each practice
before I try and tackle the next.
thanks for your support, as you know family and friends are not quite so understanding of how chronic pain can effect the individual so
your support is priceless.
Have a great weekend,

Thank you Monte, another great email!!!  best, Alison

Hey Monte, I just wanted to tell you, Ive  had a really good week,
you really have the missing Sarno link! Ive been applying the think
clean methods, and Im shocked at how often I catch myself in a negative thought process, I thought I was a posative person, was I
ever wrong! Ive had 3 days of no pain whatso ever, and two days of very minimal pain, absolutly amazing!!   


Great article Monte-  Thanks for sending it and many thanks for all your help.  I am almost pain free- just had a little flare up yesterday
in my right leg when along comes your email reminding me again of where that pain comes from.  You are a very special person to
share your knowledge with all of us.  Bonny

Hi MonteThe Master Plan CDs and ebook are excellent.I also had Dr. Sarno's books from years ago.
Your writings definitely add the
missing link that is not developed that well in Dr. Sarno's books.

Thanks for your updates.  I truly enjoy reading them and thinking them through.    Mag

Dear Monte

After 17 years of buttock pain and sciatic pain, numerous scans with no joy, doctors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, acupuncture, you
name it I have tried it.   I came across your web site and was so intrigued by what I was reading I immediately ordered The Master
Practice.  Having read the book I now realize that I have actually had this problem in one form or another since I was around 5 years
old, I am now 44…
I do think of myself as a bit of a worrier and a bit of a perfectionist often living in the past but reading your book has given me
something to aim for. Basically it is the best answer to a lot of my problems and now I have a good starting point.

Kind Regards
this is really helpful
Hello Monte,

You’re definitely on the right lines here. I
’ve read all the Sarno-like books, and you’re closest to what seems to be necessary to
change the cause of tension-related pain
. The discipline needed is considerable, as you say, and most people (including myself!)
find that it slips a lot of the time.

Anyway, thanks for the regular reminders. Learning to live in the present is a key for me, as I have always tried to figure out the future
far too actively. I’m sure this is a major cause of tension for me – related to a fundamental low-level anxiety about my being and my
relationship with other people that stems from childhood. I trained as a psychotherapist for a number of years, but 4 years of
psychoanalytic therapy didn’t change the pain syndrome much, if at all. Your stuff promotes some key attitudes that are at the heart of
it all, I feel. In fact you hit on things that I had sort of independently discovered in my own journey, so it’s interesting to find them



I am slowly improving and your teachings I have found to be the best
and most specific out there.

Your august Update is extremely helpful!!!



I just wanted to thank you for your recent emails which I have found hugely encouraging.


I greatly appreciate your response!  Your concluding thought I was the icing for me "No need to figure it out" - That is my big problem in
life is analyzing EVERYTHING.

Great reminder, thanks for putting out your good thoughts and energy to facilitate our own healing.

Best regards,

Thanks! I am feeling much better these days. The little pain I have left, I’ve been thinking clean.
Thanks, Monte. Great stuff, as always.
Thanks for the May 6th update! I am grateful for you and your genuine caring!!!
Thank you very much. I enjoyed is so much I sent it on to my Wed Night group people. I know they will enjoy it as well.

Thanks for all of this great information.  I have forwarded this so some people that I know need help such as this.  It worked for me.

Again, thanks for the update and for caring about all of US.


Good stuff! Thank You!

Thank you for the email dated 30th June.  I appreciate your words of encouragement, and all the effort you have put into devising The
Master Practice.
I am "getting it", at last, and am learning how to think clean.

Thank you Monte for you thoughts on June 30. As usual, you have accurately identified the emotional constraints of all of us who have
been afflicted at one time or another by this disorder. I really appreciate the generosity of your comments and help.


Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed to hear because everything that you said in regards to the way I currently think and
the things that I say are so true. I am going to try this exercise and try to make it work...

Dear Monte
I love every e mail you send me,  you are an amazing divine being  Love marina

Dear Monte,

Thank you for your timely update.  Since reading the Master Practice I've become 80% pain free, but as you would put it, I'm a little
stuck, especially in stressful situations.  This update is pointing me towards the things I need to work and focus on.

Thanks again,


Thank you Monte!
Very helpful. Will get the Carolyn Myss info from you when I return home from my business trip.

Finally a plan of action I can identify with.

Very grateful for your willingness to share your insights.

Kind regards,


This update is excellent. It it clear, concise and really
spells out my work. Thank you

This is AWESOME. Keep up the great emails, I always read them! I really needed to hear this information today.

Hi Monte-

Thank You for the monthly information you
send out, it has been very helpfull to me in
my TMS recovery. I have read your book and
listened to the cd. All of it has been

Thank You-
Monte……..just when I think your emails are as good as they’re gonna get you go and drop something like this on us.  WELL DONE!  I
don’t have words to tell you how helpful these are.  Getting into the micro level stuff is so helpful.  You’re a blessing…..thank you.

On Tue, 8/11/09, Dennis <> wrote:

From: Dennis I <>
Subject: RE: update August 11th
To: "'Monte Hueftle'" <>
Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2009, 6:15 PM

I would  just like to say, great work with these regular updates.  I completely agree with everything you are saying.  You must keep it up
to get this word across to all runners who are discouraged with chronic pain or who have given up altogether.  I was one of them...As I
followed the daily routine (meditation, journaling, root lock) that you outline, as I was able to resume a regular running and biking
program and today at 49 I am training for a marathon “before 50”.  

I believe that a major part of the healing process, and then the prevention process, is a constant reaffirmation that the pain is in fact
real but the cause can be eliminated simply by refocusing the mind.  Your regular emails provide this type of reaffirmation and
support.  So, bravo!  Please keep it up and realize the amazing help that you provide all of us.
Be well.  Dennis

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Sold, ship now. Get Rid Of The Pain In Your Butt NOW! 7-Steps And 10-Days To A Feel Good Body...Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 11:57:28
+0000Received with thanks--from the first few pages i can see you have taken  on some of the missing elements dr sarno implied,
but i have struggled to  get my head round ,like exactly how to get in touch with yourself etc welldone!i must admit after 3 years of
thinking and being told i had a peripheral neuropathy in both feet,not being able to even stand for any length of time,and having had a
life of triathlon,international kayaking etc and being on meds for 2 years that messed up my thinking the discovery of TMS at christmas
has been nothing short of amazing!!!no drugs,and graduallyincreasing the runnning wow. keep up the good worka very grateful'

Monte;Thank you for sharing this information. I'm 42 years old and just like you learned and read about Sarno and TMS back in 1999. I
did get some initial relief of my back pain but have really been struggling the past 3 years. When I started reading your new book I
once again started getting what you call the subconscious healing effect. but I am taking your advice and following your practice of
learning about my repression habits and how to change them so that this time it will be permanent. It's been one week since I started
and I doing much better. I ran my 5 mile trail run today for the first time in two years. Thanks again and I will keep you posted.L. in
Memphis2006-12-02 21:01:10 GMT

From: &quot;xxxxxx  xxxxxx&quot; &lt;;  View Contact Details   Add Mobile Alert  To: monte@runningpain.
comSubject: Question and adviceDate: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 17:30:24 +0000Hello Monte,Firstly i would say that i have had a lot of
success since reading your book back in February 06. I was running regularly for the first 2 months and then got back to playing
soccer which i have missed for over two and a half years!xxxxxxxx
Subject:    Re: consultationDate:    Tue, 22 Aug 2006 13:38:51 -0500To:    &quot;Monte Hueftle&quot; &lt;monte@themellowjohnny.
com&gt;Monte-Our phone consultation has been a tremendous help to me. Thank you so  much for guiding me to look at my worrying
mind and for giving me  some tangible strategies for truly shifting my thought patterns. Wow.  I have been trying to work on this for
YEARS and somehow what you  said to me really clicked. I've also been rereading The Power of Now,  which has been helpful as
well. My physical pain has improved a great  deal, and my mind-body feels remarkably clear. My husband has noticed  a huge
difference in my mood.Many thanks-Jxx xxxx
From:  Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 09:29:12 EDTSubject: Re: A Message From Monte Hueftle - NewsletterTo:
monte@runningpain.comMonte,I haven't been in touch for quite some time, but this newsletter prompts me to say how helpful your
CD and overall comments have been. I struggled with the tensions and anxieties that brought on TMS, but fell into the trap of looking
outside of myself for the answers. That's no longer the case, and I feel much more in touch with what's going on emotionally. I'm also
able to deal with it in a more constructive way -- staying in the present, avoiding a tendency to repress and protect, and letting the
negative feelings drift through rather than be controlled by them.Thanks again for your help.Michael
From: &quot;georxxx blanxxxxxt&quot; &lt;georgiablxxxx@xxxxxxx.comTo: monte@runningpain.comSubject: Re: BookDate: Mon, 08 May
2006 01:40:29 +0000hello dear friendi am pain free after 3 years ,totally gone and i want to thank you! i had horrible buttocks pain,
sciatica , could not walk ,run ,bend ,it was electric shock 24/ helped me alot !!!! and the last time the pain was still there ,that was
back in february and i was flying back from Italy and i took again your book in my suitcase and decided to read it as it was lingering
and lingering ( almost 3 years...but hey i ve always been a slow learner ...except for languages ...i speak 5) anyway ,as i read again
and again one or 2 pages where you said ,,.,,think mentally not physically or something this way , i really really believed it !!!!!!!!!!!!! and
guess what ,within one day all gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing! i never ever thought this terrible pain ,buttocks scatica, electricity pain and
burning buttocks would go away and it did . so i wanted to take the time to thnak you and feel free to give my name to anyone who
needs it ! i promise to help others., it makes me feel good , and thanks to people like you we can help more out and healing
alwaysGeorgiaps i still have issues of abandonment and insecurity to work on but slowly i learn to trust myself and feel i am worth it ....
it is hard but i know how powerful the mind is and i need to work on my issues not to let again my body &quot; pays &quot; for the
strong emotions held insideGeorgia
From: &quot;John xxxxxx&quot; &lt;;  View Contact Details   Add Mobile Alert  To: monte@runningpain.
comSubject: thank youDate: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 13:31:28 +0100Hi MontyJust had to say thank you for your excellent advice.I finished a
half marathon without any back pain during or after. It tried to come back but I delt with it successfully.You advise was invaluable.
John......................................................................................................................John TxxxxxxxxBusiness Development Director
To: monte@runningpain.comSubject: Just Have to Give you FeedbackDate: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 19:33:19 +0000Monte,To be honest with
you it is like a breath of fresh air to focus on my emotions vs. the &quot;physical&quot; which became my life and it was so
depressing.  You feel disabled and weak and that is not the case.  Your book picked up where Dr. Sarno's left off.  He was not clear
about how to get in touch with your emotions.  You have given everyone a &quot;gift&quot; through your own experience and so much
hope.  I have to say I had been journalling before I found your web site so I was starting to put it together...I must say I found your book
and your CD at the right time.  It may not have been as effective for me maybe a year or two ago but I can see clearly now and &quot;
THANKS&quot;.  I am now going to the Y everyday with my husband and working out and it feels great.  I am now asking myself &quot;
What am I feeling?&quot;  Let's put it this way I am not afraid of the pain coming because I can slow myself down and go &quot;
within&quot;.  Have a great weekend!Sincerly,MelindaP.S.  I have even started working for another testing company from home
scoring and I'm not afraid to &quot;sit&quot;.  I know you can identify with that one!  I look forward to future newsletter and I intend on
reading some of the books by people that you have referenced also.
- On Sat, 1/24/09, xxxxxx xxxxxx&lt;; wrote:From: xxxxxxx xxxxxx;Subject: Re:
Desperate for pain helpTo: &quot;Monte; &lt;;Date: Saturday, January
24, 2009, 10:41 AMMonte,I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you.  As you suggested in my desperate email to you back in
November, I read your book several times, and read Dr. Sarno's book as well. I found it very enlightening to say the least.    I have
gone from having severe ankle tendinitis pain for 6 months, in an orthopedic boot and on crutches, to being able to run again with
absolutely no pain.  It took me a while to give up physical therapy, but had my last one 5 weeks ago.  I am slowly building up my
running again, and hope to start racing again in April.I was at my wit's end when I first emailed you, and I am so grateful that I can now
live my life without pain and be there fully for my kids.Keep up the good work!xxxxxxx xxxxxx
To: &quot;Monte; &lt;;Subject: Re: A Message From Monte Hueftle
&amp; - January NewsletterDate: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 22:02:47 -0600here is my running story to date:I started
running in 2001.  At that time, I was not reading any running magazines, or message boards.  I was not familiar with any running
related &quot;injuries&quot;, and I did not experience them.  In 2002, in the process of trying to increase my mileage, I experienced
&quot;pain in my arch.&quot;  I did all the things the average person would do such as freak out, run to the doctor, etc.  He prescribed
me arch supports and &quot;anti-inflammatories.&quot;Around the same time that this took place, I started reading running
magazines, and going to message boards.  The pain in my arch led me on a journey of pain that lasted about two years.  During this
time, I experienced all of the pains you can imagine, including pain my hips, knees, ankles, ball of my foot, arch, heel, toes, calf,
shins.  I was never able to get my mileage back up over 10 miles per week.  My pitiful PR's stood their ground.I believe it was in the fall
of 2003 that I stumbled across Monte's book.  At the time I was having a pain in the ball of my foot, trying to self-diagnose it and treat
it.  I read Monte's book in about two days and immediately started putting it into practice.  I remember the day that the pain in my foot
left me. I had just come back from a jog, and it was screaming at me.  So I walked over to my ceramic tile floor and stomped as hard
as I could on the worst spot four times saying &quot;I don't need you.&quot;  An electrifying jolt of electricity shot through my foot and
the pain was gone.About 2 weeks before the half, I started to experience the old soreness in my heel.  But I decied that it was most
likely a pain disorder and to continue with the training and run the race - which I did, breaking my dream goal of 1:40:00 in 1:39:31.  I
was in awe.And now I am still dealing with the heel, and expecting healing.  I have dealt with a lot of emotional issues over the last
couple of weeks.  I experience so many of the personality expressions such as perfectionism, judging (being my worst one), self
conscious, a need to please people, make people notice me.  But the journey is to ask why?  Why do I want/feel that? Why do I act
angry towards the ones I love?  I am feeling tension leave my body.  And one thing I think I have learned is that the focus is not on the
pain, the focus is on dealing with these emotional issues which are leaking healing energy out of our bodies.-G. L.
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